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Consistent with SODI best practices, our programs are based on Leaders in Sport co-creating with Experts in Organizational Dynamics


(from previous programs)

“The conference was very valuable; I really enjoyed it. I had not been exposed to the approaches to leadership presented. All topics were relevant/pertinent.”

Mr. Shane Battier; Former Vice President of Basketball Development and Analytics, Miami Heat

“I really, enjoyed the conference; the content was superb. I was pleased with the applied academic and pragmatic nature of what was shared and discussed. The makeup and size of the group was excellent; the table group set up meant I was able to interact with several of the participants—many from different sport backgrounds.”

Kirsten Barnes; Director, Performance Services Team, Canadian Sport Institute Pacific; Canadian Olympic Rower at 1988 and 1992 Olympic Games, winner of two Gold Medals

“I thought it was outstanding; the presentations were really insightful—had a lot of relevance; each day I walked away with thoughts about how the topics fit my situation. I really liked how we were moved around; I made good contacts that I have followed up with.”

Sean Bormet; Head Wrestling Coach, University of Michigan

“The information was great, very useful; it “hit home”/was relatable to me as an athlete, as well as now, as a businessman. In addition to the information that was presented, I was able to make excellent contacts.”

Victor Hobson, NFL linebacker for 6 seasons, current – Managing Principal, ASE Global Group

“I thought it was great; I had read about the topics discussed—but the conference made it more understandable/applicable. My only suggestion—add one more day of content.”

Michael Fairman; Hockey Operations, Florida Panthers

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